When you empower
great things follow.

What we do

We’re a team of human capital consultants who help nurture, develop and champion people—your people—increasing performance, improving engagement and creating change. It’s the only way to build a thriving culture and a thriving business.

Business Strategy

Has your organizational structure evolved with your evolution or growth of your business?

When considering employee turnover, have there been trends or patterns that indicate a need for a closer look at your people strategy?

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Leadership Transitions
& Succession Planning

Is your business prepared for the risk of a top performer exiting?

Are they prepared to actually turn the keys over? What strategies do you currently have in place to identify and nurture emerging leaders in your workplace?

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Culture, Engagement
& Well-being

Are there challenges in your team’s collaboration that you’ve identified as potential obstacles to productivity?

Are you concerned about employee engagement in a hybrid or remote work model?

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Change Management

Has there been resistance or difficulty managing change within your organization and is this impacting your overall business performance?

Do your employees have clarity and feel empowered to take action through change management?

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Our group

We help organizations understand their people to create meaningful change.

Meet the team behind the Human Capital Movement and see why we are uniquely qualified to help you thrive.

meet our group

“I would never consider making a hire again without Lori. Ever. She understand who we are as individuals, what we love to do all day, and placed us respectively together like a complete puzzle. I would never consider making a hire again without Lori. Ever.”

Lindsey Rai Reasner, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities

“As a Chairman and CEO of US and international entities, I cannot recall a time in my life that I have felt more free, more alert and aware, more connected, more in balance and more confident in what lies before me.”

Doug Wilwerding, Founder, The Optimus Group, LLC

“Over the last six years, our sales revenue has grown by 30 percent. Our work with Lori was a significant contributing factor.”

Rick Smith, District Manager, Mannington Commercial

“To each of the above topics I can speak first-hand about Lori and her team’s capabilities to move the needle and make an impact. From individual work to team endeavors my experiences with Lori have proven to be well worth the investment of money and time. If you want to create or improve your culture, enhance your employees work and private lives, and improve bottom line performance of your organization, then explore this group as an option.”

Mike Phalen

“We engaged with Lori when we were struggling with high turnover and selection in our organization. Lori has a gift to see people's strengths, and talents and how they best fit into an organization. She helped us understand that we were not onboarding properly and that we were selecting the wrong candidates for our open positions. Naturally, we would have high turnover. We saw improvements using these new processes which impacted our financial goals, organizational goals, and our culture. She made a difference for us at Vivage. ”

John Brammeier, CFO, Vivage Organization

“We always walked away from our original counselor determined to complete our homework assignments and hoping that would change things. We always walked away from Lori's sessions feeling great about ourselves and optimistic that we had the tools necessary to elicit the behavior that would make our company thrive.”

Robin Donovan, President, Bozell & Author, Donna Leigh Mysteries

“Lori has been instrumental in both my personal and professional life during periods of transition and significant change. She is compassionate and people-center as well as assesses situations quickly to provide sound advice. With Lori as an advisor, I felt confident in making hard decisions and implementing necessary change.”

Margie Simmons​​​​, CEO, Landscape Forms, Inc.