Katie D’Agostino

Strategic Business Consultant

Strengths: Strategic, Learner, Arranger, Individualization, Belief

With nearly two decades of experience spanning finance and operations across diverse sectors, Katie D’Agostino has solidified her reputation as a versatile professional adept at navigating complex operational landscapes. While her expertise primarily resides in accounting and finance, she thrives on big-picture thinking, harnessing talent and aligning individuals with actionable strategies to yield results.

Katie’s career is marked by a proven track record of directing enterprise-level strategic initiatives that position organizations for growth. In her previous role as COO/CFO at Duchesne Academy in Omaha, NE, Katie spearheaded numerous strategic initiatives, including the successful conversion to a new retirement plan administrator, ensuring alignment with current organizational needs. She oversaw large-scale capital projects, overhauled the financial assistance program to promote diversity and equity, and implemented system and operational changes to drive efficiency and mitigate risks.

As VP of Corporate Development at Hugo Enterprises, LLC, Katie managed all phases of the acquisition process, leveraging her business background with her commitment to people to foster strong relationships with varying stakeholders. Katie’s ability to blend data-driven approaches with a keen understanding of people has enabled her to build and empower diverse teams and engage stakeholders to achieve ambitious goals. She derives immense satisfaction from pulling all the pieces together to implement system and operational changes to drive efficiency and mitigate risks.

Beyond the boardroom, Katie enjoys coaching her kids’ sports teams, coffee with friends, and morning Peloton rides. Katie’s word of the year for 2024 is “relinquish,” a reminder to embrace change and let go of attachments that hinder growth. She believes in creating space for new opportunities and experiences, both personally and professionally.