Lori Stohs


Strengths: Maximizer, Strategic, Communication, Individualization, Relator

Lori’s driving desire is to help organizations maximize their effectiveness through their most valuable asset, their human capital. Her years of impactful business coaching with companies from all over the globe have helped move leaders to higher levels of performance. Lori specializes in Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Organizational Performance, Selection and Development and Strengths-Based Development. Lori combines her years of experience with relevant, up-to-date data to develop a coaching plan that is tailored to each client’s needs.

Lori Stohs is a builder—of people, of organizations, and of community. Driven to spread the mission of the Human Capital Movement, Lori’s aim is to help others see that the most valuable asset we possess is human capital in the form of companies, team members, friends and family and the people in our communities. She does this through her work as a Human Capital Consultant, working with companies of all industries and sizes.

A builder of teams and companies, Lori passionately strives to put the most effective people together in order to accomplish strategies and goals. Having been on the inside of many different workplaces and in working with thousands of people, Lori sees various patterns of behavior within an organization and integrates all components of a business together to come up solutions that benefit individuals, teams, and organizations. Within these organizations, Lori is a builder of individuals, Lori has spent countless hours coaching clients who seek insights into their strengths and how they best show up living their truth.

Lori also serves as a builder of companies. In addition to founding her own company in 2009, Lori helped to create and acted as Chief People Officer at Think Whole Person Healthcare, a startup organization of 350 employees. She’s also been a Global Account Executive for Microsoft and was a Principal at Gallup Consulting, a global research-based consultancy firm. In this role, she consulted with organizations worldwide to design and execute business solutions that enhanced individual and organizational performance. Lori created and managed the development and delivery of leadership, management, and education programs for clients worldwide through the design and development of Gallup University.

Lori’s mission doesn’t end with her chosen profession. A builder of communities, Lori is a founding board member for the Executives Without Borders, was a Founding Board Member and Facilitator for Leadership for Life, and was a founding board member for Social Impact Omaha. Lori strives to build not just her community, but also the future of it by supporting children and young adults through her commitments on the Ronald McDonald House Charity Board, Hope Center for Kids Board, and the Camp Rivercrest Board.